November 21, 2018 | Anna Veloz
Winter Home Selling Tips

Some buyers prefer to buy a home in the winter. Sounds crazy, but according to statistics, winter buyers say there's less competition, home prices are lower, and sellers are more motivated to sell in the winter.

So with that in mind, here are some tips if you're selling your home in the winter:

1. Clear snow away from the driveway.
Remove ice and snow regularly to avoid falling hazards. Keep snow off of the roof to prevent ice dams, and clean out the gutters to avoid having them tear off the side of the house when it freezes.

2. Create a warm and cozy ambiance.
Make sure the home is warm and well lit. While you may want to save on energy bills, you want buyers to feel comfortable in the home. Keep the thermostat up when you are showing to relax visitors and to avoid any suspicions that something might be wrong with your furnace.

3. Add some holiday decorations.
The holidays are prime decorating time, so set your home up to look like the perfect place to spend them. Warm lighting, a fire in the fireplace, candles, a Christmas tree with presents underneath. You can really work up to something that will draw in buyers and make them imagine being there with their own families.

4. Be flexible about showings.
Buyers may have a busy schedule, so you might get some requests to show the house at odd hours. This is just a part of selling in winter, so try to be flexible.

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