December 12, 2018 | Anna Veloz

Have you ever shopped online only to get disappointed when you receive the merchandise, because the actual product was so different from the photo?

It’s the same principle when you’re trying to view homes online vs viewing them in person. Although new technology, like 3D viewing, can be awesome, here are some reasons why home viewing in person is still important when you’re looking to buy a home:

Photographers can use wide angle lenses to make spaces look as large as possible. Buyers are often surprised by how much smaller the home appears in person.

2. NEW vs OLD
What appears to look like a brand new home in photographs may not look exactly as new in person. Also, strong pet odor, mold, and sewer/septic issues, obviously do not appear in online photos.

Home staging can create a peaceful environment, and distract you from other details. It is smart to hangout for a few hours in the neighborhood to experience what it’s really like living in that area.

Looking at listing photos online can make you feel attached to a home before you even see it in person. But online photos will rarely show flaws in a property, and it’s all positive information. Looking in person will make you see all the flaws that may be hiding in the photographs. Some are not big of a deal, while others can be deal-breakers.

Impulse decisions in real estate can cost you major dollars, so try not to be impatient. Don’t get too attached to a property until you’ve actually visited the home in person. Of course, find a good realtor who can point out both the pros and cons on each home you look at.

Adapted from Pinterest Infographic



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